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Resume Review for Graduates

It doesn't matter how much help you need on your resume, having it professionally reviewed can make a big difference when it's in the hands of employers. Some graduates need a few misspellings fixed while others benefit from complete reformatting. ISP offers this service at no additional cost to graduates of our programs because we sincerely believe that your first impression with employers is the most important.

At the time of graduation, you will be given instructions for submitting your resume for review. We recommend doing this as soon as possible and simply ask that you follow the directions given by preparing a draft of your resume in a Microsoft Word editable format with complete information about your education and job history. Then, our Director and career services team will inspect and edit your resume for:

  • Misspellings and Grammatical Errors
  • Complete Descriptions of Jobs and Education
  • Layout and Formatting
  • Readability and Presentation
  • Clarity

The goal is to send each ISP student into the hiring market with a well-formatted, clear and concise resume of their experience and education so that employers will see the difference. We know ISP students are special, so we're happy to put that on paper for each and every graduate.